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January 2020 - YoGoKo showcases at CES 2020 in Las Vegas

YoGoKo presents secure communication solutions for connected & cooperative mobility. Y-SMART, the communication & data management software platform is designed to optimize and secure all external communications of the vehicle: traffic safety, cooperative ADAS, position & map update, fleet management, teleoperation…

Oct. 2019 - Newsletter

Discover our news for late 2019

  • Hybrid communication solutions required for C-ITS
  • Virtual ITS stations developed by YoGoKo under deployment in NordicWay
  • Secure C-ITS technologies developed by SECREDAS
  • YoGoKo participates actively in the development of C-ITS standards

January 2019 - YoGoKo unveils Y-AUTOMOM at CES 2019

At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, YoGoKo unveils Y-AUTOMOM, the next generation of communication solutions for the connected, cooperative and autonomous vehicle.
Y-AUTONOM is a new portfolio of communication solutions specifically designed to optimize and secure all external communications of the vehicle: traffic safety, cooperative ADAS, position & map update, fleet management, teleoperation, platooning... Y-AUTONOM solutions are based on Y-SMART, our unified communication & data management software platform. Y-SMART combines hybrid access technologies (ITS-G5/DSRC, 5G cellular...) and advanced capabilities to achieve extended connectivity to the cloud, localized cooperation (V2X), secure data and communications management and precise positioning.

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Sept. 2018 - Newsletter

Discover our news for late 2018

  • Meet YoGoKo at ITS World Congress from 17 to 21 September 2018
  • YoGoKo, key actor for the deployment of Cooperative ITS services
  • YoGoKo connects vehicles, infrastructure and public lighting for safer mobility
  • YoGoKo & security of automated systems
  • YoGoKo XP offer to support the experimentations and development of the connected & cooperative vehicle in the smart city

March 2018 - YoGoKo provides hybrid communication solutions for pilot deployments of Cooperative ITS services

YoGoKo solutions are currently deployed in pilot deployments of Cooperative ITS services (e.g. SCOOP@F) and in various connected autonomous vehicle programs (e.g. VEDECOM, AUTO C-ITS).

Jan. 2018 - Newsletter

Discover our news for early 2018

  • YoGoKo, at the forefront of new mobility technologies, at CES Las Vegas from 9 to 12 January 2018. YoGoKo is exhibiting its communication solutions at the CES in the French automobile pavilion located on Central Plaza (booth CP-5).
  • In October 2017, YoGoKo joined ”Groupement ADAS”, bringing a new skill in the already existing group of SMEs gathered around ADAS
  • YoGoKo partners with Intempora and integrates its RTMaps module to develop, test, validate, benchmark and execute efficient experimentations of applications for the automotive and mobility industry.
  • Read the update on SCOOP@F, hybrid communications in French pilot deployments of Cooperative ITS services
  • YoGoKo joined Systematic, the Paris-Region international Competitive cluster in october 2017.

Jan. 2018 - YoGoKo is present at CES Las Vegas from 9 to 12 January 2018.

CES YoGoKo, at the forefront of new mobility technologies, is one of the 7 innovative companies that will be showcased at the Business France auto pavilion (stand CP-5) on Central Plaza. The French mobility presence at CES 2018 represents its excellence in technologies from audio enhancement to 3D modeling and virtual prototyping, cybersecurity to real time auto community information and automobile connectivity.

YoGoKo showcases Y-Smart, a unified software platform managing hybrid communication technologies (ITS-G5/DSRC, cellular 3/4/5G, WiFi, LoRa, ...) as needed to provide extended connectivity to the cloud and to exchange data between vehicles and its surrounding environment (V2X). It avoids the development of solutions in non-interoperable silos and facilitates the deployment of innovative services. Our highly secure software stack manages communications, data, and services. Extended connectivity is provided through the use of heterogeneous access technologies (ITS-G5, DSRC, WiFi, cellular 3/4/5G, satellite, LoRa, …). We integrate Y-Smart into various hardware platforms fitting to the appropriate deployment environments.

Oct. 2017 - Newsletter

Discover our news for 2017

  • YoGoKo establishes its leadership in the development of Cooperative ITS standards within ISO TC204 and takes part in the cooperative ITS (ISO / TC 204) standardisation meeting in San Antonio Texas (October 2017).
  • YoGoKo showcases its unified communication system at Paris international trade show for automotive aftersales and services for mobility (October 2017).
  • YoGoKo is taking part in the new R&D project of SystemX, French institute for technological research, called SCA (Secure Cooperative Autonomous systems) addressing security and privacy challenges associated with the deployment of autonomous vehicles (September 2017).
  • YoGoKo took part to the first TESTFEST in the Netherlands organised by InterCor (Interoperable Corridors), with the objective to verify cross-border interoperability for the InterCor common specifications for the first generation (Day1) cooperative ITS (C-ITS) services using V2X standards based on the ITS-G5 access technology (July 2017).
  • During the ITS Europe Congress in Strasbourg ((June 2017), YoGoKo solutions were involved in the first cross boarder driverless car demo between France and Germany performed by VEDECOM.
  • YoGoKo is involved in AUTO C-ITS projet as provider of the communication system used by Inria Research Institute. The aim of this H2020 European project is to facilitate the deployment of autonomous vehicles in urban nodes by developing cooperative intelligent transport services that will enable vehicles, users and the road infrastructure to share information more efficiently (April 2017).

Jan. 2017 - Some highlights of late 2016

Discover our news for late 2016

  • YoGoKo was selected to take part in the UbiMobility 2016, an accelerator program for French innovative companies featuring connected and autonomous vehicle technologies. This program reaches its conclusion in Las Vegas at CES 2017.
  • YoGoKo provided its solutions to SCOOP@F, the French V2X deployment that will gather up to 3000 vehicles on 2000 kilometers of equipped roads. YoGoKo is currently retrofitting its V2X and connectivity solutions to more than 100 vehicles owned by road authorities in west of France.
  • YoGoKo exhibited its solutions for the connected & cooperative vehicle at Driverless Technology Conference in Milton Keynes, UK.
  • YoGoKo participated in fifth plugtests event organised by ETSI in Livorno, to validate and test the interoperability of V2X solutions with other vendors.
  • YoGoKo leveraged its partnership with VEDECOM in various projects on autonomous vehicles. VEDECOM in an institute established with the support of Renault and PSA amongst others, to work on advanced solutions for the green and cooperative vehicle.
  • YoGoKo continuously improved its collaboration with research laboratories from Inria, Télécom Bretagne and Mines ParisTech to position itself as a communication solutions provider for the connected & cooperative vehicle.
  • YoGoKo established its leadership in the development of Cooperative ITS standards within ISO TC204.
  • YoGoKo was invited as a startup of value in the "transport & mobility" session in CapUrba to talk about communication standards for the connected & cooperative vehicle in the city.

Nov. 2016 - YoGoKo successful ETSI Plugtests in Livorno, Italy

YoGoKo is continuously taking part in V2X deployments and cooperative ITS standardization activities. In November 2016, YoGoKo participated in the fifth plugtests event organised by ETSI in partnership with ERTICO in the region of Toscana, Italy.

ETSI Plugtests in Livorno, Italy The two weeks' tests were focusing on cooperative V2X standards from ETSI, CEN and ISO, with the objective of validation of the ETSI ITS Release 1 standards, through the development of conformance and interoperability tests for ITS V2X with focus on infrastructure services, public key infrastructure (PKI) trust center and ITS-G5 Radio Performance.

YoGoKo deployed a roadside ITS station and a vehicular ITS station equipped with a HMI. The vehicle equipped by YoGoKo ran on a track in the port of Livorno as well as on the Tuscan highway in order to test various use cases with success:

  • Presence warning of road works, traffic lights, road signs and tolling zone using a roadside ITS station.
  • Process messages broadcast by roadside ITS stations on the vehicular ITS station.
  • Mitigation test of tolling and ITS.
Additionally, the plugtests were the opportunity to test for the first time interoperability on top of the ETSI security architecture. YoGoKo completed a secured itinerary on the test track in the port of Livorno and on the Florence-Livorno highway: on its way it managed to perform certificate requests to the PKI trust center server (developed by the ISE project for ITS security) using an IPv6 enabled roadside ITS station, to load certificates into its security stack, to broadcast secured messages to other vehicles and to verify secured messages sent by other vehicles. YoGoKo demonstrated a very good behaviour of its security stack and its hardware security module connected to the trust infrastructure.

YoGoKo proves to be a key actor in the ITS ecosystem. YoGoKo provides a unique communication service based on an embedded box, a cloud platform, and an ITS software stack combining V2X and advanced internet connectivity. These elements are combined in order to build a unified solution addressing all communication and data exchanges needs of the vehicle or the infrastructure.

Oct. 2015 - YoGoKo at the ITS World Congress 2015

ITS World Congress 2015 YoGoKo attends the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux (booth C75 & autonomous vehicle demo performed by VEDECOM) on October 5 - 9 2015.

Cooperative ITS and autonomous vehicles will be put under the spotlight. YoGoKo could not miss this event as the company provides among the most innovative communication solutions for connected and cooperative ITS.

You will be able to meet YoGoKo key personnel face-to-face on our booth C75, shared with other French ITS stakeholders. You will also be able to ride with us - literally - if you enroll to the autonomous vehicle demonstration operated by VEDECOM.

VEDECOM is one of our early customers. VEDEDOM is an institute recently established with the support of Renault and PSA, and many others, to work on advanced solutions for the green and cooperative vehicle.

VEDECOM’s demo features YoGoKo’s communication system. Our communication system is installed in the autonomous vehicle and its two patrol vehicles. In this demo, it is used to exchange road safety and traffic efficiency information with other vehicles and the roadside infrastructure such as traffic lights. V2X exchanges occurs in the 5.9 GHz frequency band based on cooperative ITS standards from ISO, CEN, ETSI, SAE and IEEE. In the meantime, end-to-end connectivity with Internet peers is ensured using IPv6, the new generation of the Internet Protocol.

To know more about YoGoKo, you can download our leaflets about the company and our V2X data exchange and Internet connectivity solutions.

YoGoKo in the press

Sept. 2018 - YoGoKo deploys V2X communications in Brittany

YoGoKo has installed its vehicle to everything (V2X) communication equipment on more than 100 road maintenance vehicles as part of the SCOOP@F cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) pilot in France. (...)


March 2018 - Intertraffic debut for YoGoKo’s V2X communications

French start-up company YoGoKo makes its Intertraffic debut with its focus firmly set on the challenges associated with V2X communication and autonomous driving. (...)