Innovative communication solutions for transport, mobility, and ITS

YoGoKo develops innovative communication solutions for fixed and mobile multi-connected devices. We enable them to maintain secure and continuous connectivity with their communication peers, either in their immediate environment or a remote location (control centers or Internet hosts).

YoGoKo provides solutions adapting to client needs:
  •  On the shelves communication solutions (communication boxes, software, services, assistance, training and expertise) targetting R&D teams that need flexible communication solutions to conduct research and experimentation
  •  A la carte communication solutions targetting companies that need to integrate communication solutions in their products.

We also integrate in the upcoming cooperative ITS eco-system and standards set that will rule the ITS domain in the next years.

Our products

YoGoKo technologies, from fully-packaged solutions to custom integration.

YoGoKo Lab

YoGoKo Lab is a packaged and plug'n play solution enabling ITS communications, comprising boxes, service operation and software utilities.

YoGoKo Lab is designed for R&D centers and laboratories that wants to elaborate testbeds and demonstrations with various kind of equipments (in-vehicule routers, roadside stations, ...). It fits to small-scale ITS deployments as well.

YoGoKo communication stack

YoGoKo may provide its entire communication stack for ITS communication. This stack, based on the Linux system, may be integrated in any third party product.

This includes a Linux based operating system for embedded devices, various cloud components, and utilities to let applications benefit from the communication stack.