YoGoKo is an industry-leading communication solutions provider for the connected, cooperative & autonomous vehicles (CCAV) evolving in intelligent environments.

YoGoKo's communication solutions for connected & cooperative mobility enable the exchange of information between vehicles and the roadside/urban infrastructure, while providing performant connectivity to the cloud.
Contrary to existing dedicated and narrowed solutions designed to meet a specific need, YoGoKo has developed a unified communication platform simultaneously addressing the connectivity needs of various types of applications: road safety, traffic efficiency, data collection and processing, fleet tracking and management, remote diagnosis and monitoring, access control, software over-the-air updates, Internet access and other added-value applications and services.
The unified communication platform combines hybrid communication technologies as needed to provide extended & secure connectivity. It manages communications, data, and services and avoids the development of solutions in non-interoperable silos and facilitates the deployment of innovative services.


For transport & mobility market players: autonomous vehicle manufacturers, legacy automotive OEM and Tier1, for intelligent mobility solutions developer and integrators.

Connected,cooperative, autonomous driving & V2X communications are challenging transport and mobility. Vehicles are already connected devices, however in the very near future, vehicles will also directly interact with each other and the roadside infrastructure. They will need to combine data from different sources (vehicle, external environment, sensors, cloud, etc.).
Using independent systems that operate in silos and evolve in their own deployment environment generates costs, complexity and inefficiency : they prevent easy share of data, are difficult to maintain for operation in real driving conditions, and are subject to security threats.
Mobility players need to deploy innovative solutions to face these challenges with new advanced technologies beyond current driver assist systems, where perception & actuation systems, software and compute platforms need connectivity and cooperation with the vehicle environment.
New use cases require a new approach where Y-SMART, the unified communication and data management software platform developed by YoGoKo, offers extended capabilities for services dedicated to efficient and secure autonomous driving (precise positioning, extended connectivity, secure data & communication management, hybrid access technologies support...).

About us

YoGoKo is stemming from 15 years of know-how in connected, cooperative & autonomous mobility

Since 2014, YoGoKo solutions are primarily used in pilot deployments of Cooperative ITS services and in connected autonomous vehicle programs. Leveraging its leadership in Cooperative ITS standardisation (ISO, CEN, ETSI), continuous R&D investments, key partnerships and large experience of the mobility ecosystem, YoGoKo is your innovation partner for the next generation connectivity & mobility services.

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