Mobility data exchange made simple.

Our expertise

We collect, transfer and manage data for secure connected and cooperative mobility.

We build together the future of sustainable mobility.

The mobility market showcases vehicles, road or urban infrastructure, users (drivers, passengers and vulnerable people) and services that exchange data through various communication technologies. Beyond the building of interoperable, cooperative and intelligent transport systems emerges a connected information-rich environment for the benefit of smart cities, vehicle constructors, mobility operators and road users. It helps connect people, vehicles and places for safe, secure, eco-friendly and efficient mobility services.

YoGoKo is your innovation partner for the next generation connectivity and sustainable mobility services.

YoGoKo develops on-board and cloud-based solutions for secure data collection and transmission, locally (between vehicles, with road/urban infrastructure and other road users using V2X communication technologies) and remotely.

Mobility data exchange made simple.

About us

We develop an innovative and interoperable software communication platform.

Y-SMART Technology

Software stack at the core of YoGoKo's solutions.

Data and communication management software platform supporting multiple radio access technologies.

Y-SMART Technology to:


Innovate and implement with efficiency with a complete turnkey solution (HW, SW, Cloud platform) to experiment and simulate mobility technologies in innovation programs.Read more


Reduce the number of fatalities and improve ADAS functionnality using V2X technology and road event prediction with artificial intelligence.Read more


Emulate new functionalities for automotive in real and virtual context.Read more


Exchange and stock mobility data for dedicated services.Read more

Y SMART for mobile & fixed ITS Station

Deploy scalable vehicle & infrastructure connectivity.Read more

Our solutions

They have built on YoGoKo Solutions.

We offer cooperative solutions to smart mobility players : connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, roadside/urban infrastructure and OEM partners. By simplifying data usage, YoGoKo helps them conquer new markets, boost their revenue and improve return over investment.

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YoGoKo, a leading company in smart communication technologies announced the launch of a new set of innovative products enhancing cooperative ITS systems for mobility services value extension. These solutions are part of a new...Read more

YOGOKO – C-V2X ready to deploy

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About the cooperative mobility

YoGoKo solutions for SmartMobility

In Monaco, CAM (Compagnie d’Autobus de Monaco) experiments traffic efficiency through data exchange between urban infrastructure and buses. It experiments also road safety with bus priority alert.Read more

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We are highly involved in the mobility industry.

Since day one, we’ve been firm believers in working hand in hand with specialists within our ecosystem. It is the only way for us to remain independent and focused on what we do well, while developing solutions that are able to talk with any smart mobility system. Here are a few partners we are happy to work with.

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