Our assets

Evolutive, innovative and standard compliant ITS solutions

V2X communication

Our products are oriented towards cooperative ITS communication and thus provides technologies for V2X communication.

YoGoKo enables communication between all actors in the ITS domain, including vehicles, roadside stations, central stations, etc.

Multi-usage devices

YoGoKo is born on the vision that various devices in a single vehicule (each embedding its own radio capabilities) is highly suboptimal.

Our boxes act as on-board gateways, providing transparent network connectivity to other devices and embedded application, and prioritizing messages according to their criticity and urgency.

Hybrid network access

Our solutions allow taking advantages of a wide diversity of access technologies (Vehicular WiFi 11p, Urban WiFi 11n, 3G/LTE, sensor networks, ...).

By hybriding wire and radio technologies, they provide an optimal and efficient network access for all kinds of equipments (fixed or mobile, distant and isolated or grouped).

Security and privacy

The most secure system is totally disconnected and isolated...

...connected vehicule is not, this is why we include in our solutions any relevant security feature for protecting messages (either V2X or Internet communication), authenticating peers, guarding against attacks, and keeping the privacy of our users.

Standard compliance

YoGoKo team members are active standardisation members. They push our expertise in network topics and feedback actual decisions.

Our communication stack complies to cooperative ITS standards from ISO, CEN and ETSI (ITS station reference architecture, message exchange, service announcement, geographic dissemination, digital maps, data fusion).

IPv6 technologies

Innovation is in the ADN of YoGoKo, making us to use state of the art technologies.

Our communication stack is based on most recent Internet protocols from IETF, especially the usage of IPv6 for addressing a large number of objects. Furthermore we ensure backward compatibility for legacy technologies such as IPv4 addressing.


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