Secure with Y-SAFETY

Reduce the number of fatalities and improve ADAS functionnality using V2X technology and road event prediction with artificial intelligence.

Your needs

Need to secure vulnerable road users.

You are

Smartcity operator, micromobility constructor, usage based insurance.


Y SAFETY is a scalable and secure license-based solution as a service.

  • Driven by hyper connected mobility and a context of road fatalities statistics showing no significant decline, YoGoKo propose a new Augmented Driver Assistance System using V2X communications.
  • Y SAFETY is an application allowing collision prediction between connected individuals and vehicles to reduce Vulnerable Road Users road fatalities.
  • Y SAFETY’s target is to reduce road fatalities and enhance ADAS feature by using V2X.

Our solution

  • Collision & risk prediction for vulnerable road user safety
  • Multimodality communication solution
  • Artificial Intelligence for road safety solution

Our offer

Software license, maintenance and support for integration and usage

Value proposition

  • New services offerings thanks to cooperative data exchange
  • Fatalities reduction with risk prediction

Y-SAFETY : Safety for all

Vulnerable safety

Secure pedestrian, cyclist and motorcyclist on open road through exchange of collision risk prediction

Multimodal approach

Solution for all with multiple use cases: seaport, airport, industrial site...

Be predictive

Support ADAS fusion ECU with new technology such as V2X is the key of complete data fusion

Data for safety

3 experts for a partnership: MillaGroup, Nexyad & YoGoKo