Innovate with Y-Connect

Complete turnkey solution including HW, SW, Cloud platform & Engineering services.

Your needs

Evaluate and develop services using cooperative communications.

You are

University, innovation department of Tier1, vehicle maker, or road manager.

Our solution

Plug-and-play secure communication system.

  • Secure Data collection and transmission system
  • Advanced toolsuite for development and experimentation programs
  • Technical support with dedicated interface


Data collection and communication management software platform supporting multiple radio access technologies (Wifi, BT, LTE V2X, ITS G5, DSRC, LoRa, C-V2X)

  • Hybrid communication technologies
  • Extended connectivity to the cloud through heterogeneous access technologies
  • Localized data exchange (V2X/C-V2X)
  • Communications, data and services management for a large range of applications
  • Security by design
  • Integration on a diversity of hardware platforms

Our solution

C-ITS Hardware & Software kit

  • To support cooperative solution development
  • To enable cooperative data exchange over multi radio path (C-V2X/ITSG5, Cellular, IOT)

Our offer

Turnkey solution including hardware, software, engineering support and consulting

Value proposition

  • Increase cooperative knowledge and usage
  • Accelerate innovation programs
  • Support new mobility services deployments


Software features:

  • Application development support
  • Data management & Cooperative ITS services

Hybrid communication features:

  • Localized communications (V2X)
  • Connectivity & IoT

Y-CONNECT deployment use cases