Innovate with Y-Connect

Complete turnkey solution (HW, SW, Cloud platform).

Your needs

Need evaluate and develop services using cooperative communications.

You are

University, innovation department of Tier1, vehicle maker, or road manager.

Our solution

Plug-and-play secure communication system.

  • Secure Data collection and transmission system
  • Advanced toolsuite for development and experimentation programs
  • Technical support with dedicated interface


Data collection and communication management software platform supporting multiple radio access technologies (Wifi, BT, LTE V2X, ITS G5, DSRC, LoRa, C-V2X)

  • Hybrid communication technologies
  • Extended connectivity to the cloud through heterogeneous access technologies
  • Localized data exchange (V2X)
  • Communications, data and services management for a large range of applications
  • Security by design
  • Integration on a diversity of hardware platforms

Our solution

ITS Hardware & Software kit

  • To support cooperative solution development
  • To enable cooperative data exchange over multi radio path (ITSG5, Cellular, IOT)

Our offer

Turnkey solution including hardware, software and engineering support

Value proposition

  • Increase cooperative knowledge and usage
  • Accelerate innovation programs
  • Support new mobility services deployments


Software features:

  • Application development support
  • Data management & Cooperative ITS services

Hybrid communication features:

  • Localized communications (V2X)
  • Connectivity & IoT

Y-CONNECT deployment use cases