Cooperative ITS

YoGoKo solutions are primarily used for Cooperative ITS services and in connected autonomous vehicle programs. Leveraging its leadership in Cooperative ITS standardisation (ISO, CEN, ETSI), continuous R&D investments, key partnerships and large experience of the mobility ecosystem, YoGoKo is your innovation partner for the next generation connectivity & mobility services.

YoGoKo develops on-board and cloud-based solutions for secure data collection and transmission, locally (between vehicles, with road/urban infrastructure and other road users using V2X communication technologies) and remotely. Mobility Data Exchange made Simple.




Our commitment

Our place in the market offers us substantial opportunities to improve the impact of our presence in the industry from a social, environmental and economic perspective. As provider of key communication technologies for the mobility industry, we want to profile our responsibility and play a constructive role in improving sustainability through connecting objects to the corresponding networks and enabling data exchange to help solve the major challenges in the sector.

We’ve been working on connected cooperative mobility for 20 years

We want to create a secure driving environment free of traffic accidents and congestion, for the health and safety of all road users. The Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) standards, being developed by ISO, CEN and ETSI with the support of the European Commission (Standardization Mandate M/453, and ITS Directive), respond to the need of improving road safety and road traffic efficiency. They also allow a convergence of the communication systems developed in the different silos, for the exchange of data between road vehicles (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, etc.), road infrastructure (traffic lights, variable message signs, toll barriers, etc.), nomadic systems (smartphones, tablets, etc.), web-accessible servers (traffic control center, fleet management platform, database, etc.) and vulnerable road users.

Connected mobility industry & sustainable development

YoGoKo’s systemic solution is based on a network of vehicles connected with the environment that allows to reduce the footprint of vehicles and the use of infrastructure for the management of energy flows, vehicle fleets and data. Data collection related to environmental impact, like for example air quality sensors, is favoured with connected vehicles. The deployment of autonomous and shared mobility objects will enable a reduced consumption of natural resources.

Our efforts include

Delivering business safely and ethically

Enhance management of energy flows

Working with local partners