Key characteristics

YoGoKo Smartmobility solutions for smart and connected mobilities evolving in their environment (road infrastructure, urban infrastructure, etc.).
YoGoKo deploys its solutions with key players of road and urban infrastructure markets: cities, private road operators looking for new technologies, and also for providers of in-vehicle solutions for fleet management.

YoGoKo solutions for data collection and transmission provide the following answers to the needs of players in the Smartmobility market segment:

  • Urban road traffic congestion reduction;
  • Environment friendly road traffic increase;
  • Road network conditions monitoring;
  • Traffic data collection costs reduction ;
  • Road capacity optimization;
  • Better user information;
  • The profitability of operations and the supervision of equipment deployed, whether mobile or not,
  • Fleet management: for mobility operators, but also companies providing regular services and requiring feedback from their fleets.
  • Emergency vehicles, such as those of the fire department, police, are looking to improve the safety of their interventions, with priority at traffic lights and communications with other vehicles in intervention.
  • Increase the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists with the integration of new technologies for pedestrian detection in protected areas, risk of collision between vehicles and vulnerable people.

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