Develop with Y-GHOST

Tool suite for development & validation in real and virtual environment.

Your needs

Need to develop and validate new functionalities with cost and time savings.

You are

Vehicle makers, Test tracks, OEM & tier 1 supplier. Road infrastructure operator & New Player in cooperative mobility.  Smart city infrastructure provider.

Our solution

ADAS 2023 and 2025 require predictability, repeatability and new features. Regulation are more present. Tier 1 and OEM need to find relevant solutions.

How to develop new feature with limited investments.

Y-GHOST is a new software solution that reduces development time for OEMs and manufacturers of mobile objects (truck, bus, car, motorcycle) by combining YoGoKo technology with a digital twin.

  • Connect vulnerable and vehicles with cooperative solution
  • Connected digital twin to reduce all effort
  • Support ADAS fusion development and tests with V2X

Value proposition

  • Reduce development time and cost
  • Optimize engineering effort
  • Enable complete data fusion

Our offer

Software license, maintenance and support for integration & usage.

Augmented Driver Assistance using V2X communications.


  • Virtualize V2X connected target on test tracks
  • Increase scenarios repeatability and ISO 26262 & 21448 coverage
  • Reduce planning impact
  • Increase functional safety level by using V2X in the data fusion

Y-GHOST : NCAP & safety driver

How to test it ?

Test it with connected digital twin to reduce efforts.

Be predictive

Support ADAS fusion.

How to secure road user ?

Emulate cooperative connectivity Between vulnerable & vehicles.