Develop with Y-GHOST

Tool suite for development & validation in real and virtual environment.

Your needs

Develop and validate new ADAS functionalities

Increase reliability of your vehicle or features development

Achieve better results in less time

Reduce engineering and material investment cost and Support multi and complex scenario development

You are

Vehicle makers, Test tracks, OEM & tier 1 supplier. Road infrastructure operator & New Player in cooperative mobility.  Smart city infrastructure provider.

Our solution

ADAS 2023 and 2025 require predictability, repeatability and new features. Regulation are more present. Tier 1 and OEM need to find relevant solutions.

How to develop new feature with limited investments.

Y-GHOST is a new software solution that reduces development time for OEMs and manufacturers of connected and cooperative mobile objects (truck, bus, car, motorcycle) by combining YoGoKo technology with a digital twin.

  • Connect vulnerable and vehicles with cooperative solution
  • Connected digital twin to reduce all effort
  • Support ADAS fusion development and tests with V2X

Value proposition

  • Reduce development time and cost of Augmented Driver Assistance using V2X communications.
  • Optimize engineering effort
  • Enable complete data fusion

Our offer

Software license, maintenance and support for integration & usage.



  • Virtualize V2X connected target on test tracks
  • Increase scenarios repeatability and ISO 26262 & 21448 coverage
  • Reduce planning impact
  • Increase functional safety level by using V2X in the data fusion

Y-GHOST : NCAP & safety driver

How to test it ?

Test it with connected digital twin to reduce efforts.

Be predictive

Support ADAS fusion.

How to secure road user ?

Emulate cooperative connectivity Between vulnerable & vehicles.