YoGoKo is at CES 2022 to showcase its new ‘safety for all’ solutions

Rennes & Paris, France – January 5, 2022

YoGoKo, a leading company in smart communication technologies announced the launch of a new set of innovative products enhancing cooperative ITS systems for mobility services value extension. These solutions are part of a new portfolio dedicated to address vulnerable road users (VRU) and micro-mobility safety challenges. Mobility data exchange is made simple to increase road safety for vehicles & vulnerable users, and to ensure communication security.

Road users are not only driver but also riders and cyclists, … and micro-mobility has become a huge safety challenge for this decade. YoGoKo brings a solution to increase safety of vulnerable users.

Didier Ledain, Managing Director YoGoKo

Although the number of accidents is decreasing every year in Europe, more than one third of fatal accidents is related to collisions with vulnerable vehicles. Tomorrow, cooperative driving aids will integrate data related to the human factor, driver behavior and its surrounding environment.

The new portfolio is based on YoGoKo Y-SMART communication software platform and an integrated suite of engineering tools and services. Y-SMART has been designed to address security and interoperability challenges, and scalability issues. It provides compelling solutions to meet market requirements at a cost and time efficiency to deploy and sustain innovative communication solutions.


Emulation and testing system

YoGoKo offers Y-GHOST, a tool suite for development and validation in real and virtual environments. Y-GHOST is addressed to vehicle makers, test tracks, OEM & tier 1 suppliers who need to emulate new functionalities for vehicle in real and virtual contexts to develop new features with optimized investments. Y-GHOST targets development time, cost reduction and engineering effort optimization.

Cloud based cooperative ITS

YoGoKo’s Y-CLOUD is an ITS server solution to supervise, collect and transmit data related to cooperative mobility services, and to enable cooperative data exchange using cellular networks. Y-CLOUD targets the needs of road operators, service providers, infrastructure makers, vehicle makers or connected applications providers who need to bring cooperative mobility solutions in their own cloud for new services with existing networks.

Safety for all

YoGoKo offers Y-SMART for Mobile, a new SDK supporting mobile apps users. Y-SMART for Mobile is addressed tomobility operators, connected applications providers and end user apps by giving the chance to be detected by all other road users for a safe drive or ride. With Y SMART for mobile, news services will be proposed such as augmented driver assistance, rider assistance without having a brand new vehicle.

A large ecosystem will benefit from this solution, between insurance companies, accessory providers and Smart cities, allowing for significant reduction in road fatalities.

YoGoKo (http://www.yogoko.comis a leader in smart connectivity technologies for new mobility services. YoGoKo develops on-board and cloud-based solutions for secure data collection and transmission, locally (between vehicles, with road infrastructure and other road users using V2X communication technologies) and remotely. YoGoKo solutions are used for applications as diverse as carsharing, fleet management, advanced and predictive driver assistance systems, autonomous vehicles, and many other applications for the road and the smart city infrastructure.




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