Connected vehicles will represent 100% of sold vehicles in the world in 2025. The connected mobility ecosystem is facing several challenges like building the right, reliable, sustainable and secure communication technology. For example, connectivity enables use cases related to safety.

C-V2X communication technology uses 3GPP standardized 4G LTE or 5G mobile cellular connectivity to exchange messages between vehicles, pedestrians, urban and road infrastructure. The C-V2X standard has been developed by ETSI. Today the challenge is to transform C-V2X from a new standard into a market reality.

Vehicle connectivity plugtests

The 3rd ETSI C‑V2X PLUGTESTSTM took place at the DEKRA multi-functional test and technology center in Klettwitz, Germany, from March 28 to April 1, 2022. The tests were held in partnership with 5GAA. More than 25 companies were participating to ensure their interoperability with road safety technology, using a combination of indoor laboratory testing and outdoor evaluation on a test track.

YoGoKo took part in this event, held in partnership with 5GAA and hosted by DEKRA. YoGoKo develops in-vehicle and cloud-based solutions for the secure collection and transmission of data, both locally (between vehicles, with the road infrastructure and other road users using V2X communication technologies) and remotely. YoGoKo solution combines hybrid communication technologies based on Cooperative ITS, Internet and IoT standards (ISO, CEN, ETSI, IEEE, SAE, IETF). The 3rd ETSI C‑V2X PLUGTESTSTM  validated the compliance of YoGoKo’s Y-SMART technology to the C-V2X technology and YoGoKo’s ability to use this technology. 

Tests showing high levels of interoperability

The objective of the tests was to enable On-Board-Units (OBUs), Roadside-Units (RSUs) and Public key infrastructure (PKIs) vendors to run interoperability test sessions to assess the level of interoperability of their implementation and validate the understanding of the standards. 

More than 200 tests with 60 scenarios, gathering 25 OBU and RSU vendors, PKI providers, test equipment manufacturers and an LTE network operator.

C-ITS platforms and PKIs demonstrated their interoperability by participating at state-of- the-art safety use cases including road hazard signaling, road works warning, time to green, in-vehicle signage, traffic jam warning, longitudinal collision risk warning and intersection collision risk warning.

YoGoKo was participating to ensure interoperability of its on-board solution with road safety technology from other manufacturers with a very high level of compatibility, in the areas of the Test Plan where features were widely supported and the test cases could be executed in the test sessions.

From standards into market reality

Standards addressing needs for interconnection and interoperability are particularly important for open markets, where users can ‘mix and match’ equipment and services, and where suppliers can benefit from economies of scale. Standards are also important for ensuring safety, reliability and environmental care.


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