French excellence for a decisive step towards road safety for autonomous vehicles

Meudon, Februar 2021st – MillaGroup, Nexyad and YoGoKo partnership launch the OASIS project (cOoperative Assistance System In Safe road), which announces new technological advances around cooperative ADAS for all. The OASIS project puts forward the development and integration of new enhanced driving assistance features, based on innovative solutions for data fusion. Data come from V2X communications, driving risk assessment, and predictive collision estimation.

OASIS deploys a breakthrough innovation with cooperative ADAS, providing safety for all, from pedestrians and 2-wheelers to vehicles.

Didier Ledain, Managing Director YoGoKo

Although the number of accidents decreases every year in France, more than a third of fatal accidents are linked to collisions. Today, cooperative ADAS solutions integrate data related to the human factor and driver inattention. The implementation of this driving assistance (ADAS) takes into account the concept of risk. While driving, 75% of the risk is linked to inappropriate driver behavior, and road and urban infrastructure.

The technology developed within the partnership is based on Nexyad’s expertise and knowledge of road risks. Safetynex is a software module for data aggregation that detects with a 20-times-per-second frequency any lack of caution in the driving behavior (also called driving risk), in the context of the road environment. Integrated into a real-time on-board AI, the solution makes the vehicle smarter and teaches it to anticipate certain situations, e.g. by slowing down preventively. Combined withY-SMART communication technology from YoGoKo, it increases the perception of the vehicle’s environment. YoGoKo combines Nexyad’s collision risk calculations related to road behavior with V2X communications between vehicles and the road infrastructure.

The OASIS project offers a global vision of road safety, deployed in vehicles on the market and tested on autonomous shuttles produced by MillaGroup. MillaGroup is a mobility provider that offers on-demand and multimodal transport solutions (for people and goods) in rural and peri-urban areas. Since 2019, MILLA POD shuttles have been running on open road every day at a speed of 30 km/h in autonomous mode.

Implemented in MillaGroup vehicles, this combination of expertise in the area of ​​risk management with Nexyad and connectivity with YoGoKo will allow an autonomous vehicle to access a crossroad with low visibility and with priorities, among other cases.

The OASIS project thus brings new perspectives in response to the needs for road safety improvement and increase in the vehicle’s environment perception. The system deployed, with risk traceability, takes into account regulations and will temper the debate on liability in the event of an accident:

  • assessment of driver behavior based on risk,
  • improved predictive ACC and AD systems, “aware” of the risk taken, and able to prove the level of caution at all times (in response to legal and insurance questions),
  • new collision warning,
  • smarter predictive AEB.

Thus, whether for the detection of careless, dangerous or emergency behavior, road safety is integrated. This silo-breaking approach is innovative compared to the silo approach by “use case” of the automotive segment. Societal challenges are answered by a systemic vision bringing rapid progress in road safety.


YoGoKo ( is a leader in connectivity technologies for new mobility services. YoGoKo develops on-board and cloud-based solutions for secure data collection and transmission, locally (between vehicles, with road infrastructure and other road users using V2X communication technologies) and remotely. YoGoKo solutions are used for applications as diverse as carsharing, fleet management, advanced and predictive driver assistance systems, autonomous vehicles, and many other applications for the road and the smart city.

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Nexyad ( globally markets a road safety platform for telematics, advanced driver assistance systems, active predictive safety systems and autonomous vehicles. SafetyNex is road safety measurement software, based on real-time on-board AI technology. It constantly monitors both driving behavior and the driving context.

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MillaGroup ( is a leading independent French company of engineers specialized in the design, development, fabrication, and experimentation of new mobility products and services. MILLA’s new mobility concept is to provide a sustainable, modular, scalable, and adaptable transporting service accessible to everyone.

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The OASIS project offers a global vision of road safety

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