YoGoKo and 4D Virtualiz introduce test facility virtualization solution

YoGoKo and 4D Virtualiz announce their partnership to propose new solutions for test facility virtualization.

This joint innovative solution answers mobility industry needs, with dedicated development and assistance for road safety providers, for ADAS and AD equipment suppliers. Addressing OEM & tier 1 test requirements, test facility virtualization solution proposes a new technology, using 4D Virtualiz and YoGoKo technologies, to enhance validation coverage of future scenario using Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions.

The test facility virtualization solution is designed around the combination of V2X and digital twin solutions. The solution is measuring the real impact of test scenario taking into account virtual perturbation, sensors simulations and communications with the environment in closed loop. It sticks to OEM safety plan for 2022 with the General Safety Regulation and the EuroNCAP 2024 rating. It reduces OEM and Tier 1 test facility costs. It multiplies the potential of use cases to test the efficiency of ADAS systems, to develop ADAS and autonomous vehicles applications. It increases testing capacity and improves safety for a better and faster deployment in open world under real conditions.

This technology is leading the way for the next generation of testing solutions with the usage of simulation data to stimulate real vehicles and targets.

  • YoGoKo is a specialist of connected and cooperative mobility. YoGoKo develops secured solutions for data collection and transmission aimed at new mobility services.
    Contact – Didier LEDAIN (didier.ledain@yogoko.fr)
  • 4D Virtualiz is providing 3D real time test benches for the development of mobile robotic systems, drones & intelligent vehicles.
    Contacts – Florian ROCHÉ (florian.roche@4d-virtualiz.com)
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