Trusted connected & cooperative mobility for vehicles and road infrastructure

Paris, October 2021 –

The mobility market involves a diversity of stakeholders, including vehicles and other road users, road and urban infrastructure, control centers and service providers. These stakeholders exchange data through a diversity of communication technologies. Beyond the deployment of interoperable, Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS), an information-rich connected environment is emerging for the benefit of smarter cities, vehicle manufacturers, mobility operators and road users. It connects people, vehicles and places for safe, secure, sustainable and efficient mobility services.

Security and privacy are the main challenges in the exchange of data between all involved parties: how to ensure security, trust and privacy in the deployment of connected and cooperative ITS and mobility services ?

YoGoKo’s cyber security commitment relies on:

  • Y-SMART software platform for extended connectivity

The success of C-ITS services deployment lies in the interoperability of communication systems: by combining multiple access technologies and protocols (ITS-G5, LTE, 5G, BLE, …), YoGoKo solutions allow all involved parties to exchange data securely locally and remotely regardless of the available communication technologies.

  • Y-SMART software platform for secure communications

YoGoKo accelerates the deployment of C-ITS services by entrusting Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security to its partner TRIALOG. It proposes an asymmetric encryption technique acclaimed by the industry community to secure C-ITS services against cyberattacks both internal and external to the system and the protection of personal data of vehicle passengers. TRIALOG PKI client is packaged in the YoGoKo Y-SMART Software platform.

  • Y-SMART software platform for safer road transport

YoGoKo Y-SMART software platform is embedded in Dreamotor One demo car. Based on the collaboration of high tech SMEs under NEXYAD leadership, Dreamotor One puts forward the development and integration of new enhanced driving assistance features, based on innovative solutions for data fusion. Data originate from V2X communications, driving risk assessment, and predictive collision estimation.

YoGoKo deploys breakthrough innovations with its partners, providing cybersecure data exchange for vehicles and road infrastructure.

Didier Ledain, Managing Director YoGoKo

YoGoKo deployments of secure communications within Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems have successfully been tested with its customers and through dedicated research projects. YoGoKo technology has been proven key to ensure end-to-end safety, in a context of diversity of stakeholders/operators and diversity wireless communication technologies.

  • On the French Pavillon, YoGoKo showcases French excellence through innovative products. YoGoKo puts forward the development of solutions facing the issue of security of localized communications between connected and autonomous vehicles and with the roadside infrastructure (V2X)Come and meet us on stand B7130.
  • On the SystemX booth, the TAM consortium showcases innovative solutions using Y-SMART software platform for detecting abnormal behavior, addressing new use cases such as cybersecurity of the autonomous and connected vehicle or collective perception. In addition, YoGoKo showcases the ability of its Y-SMART software stack to secure V2X communications using IEEE P1609.2 certificates issued by various PKI providers. As demonstrated on the booth, the Y-SMART software stack can also be integrated on various V2X vendor platforms, and works alike on Autotalk’s and NXP’s. Come and meet us on stand B7706.
  • Do you want to see Artificial Intelligence and V2X deployed for road safety ? Dreamotor One puts forward the development and integration of new enhanced driving assistance features, based on innovative solutions for data fusion. Data is aggregated from V2X communications, driving risk assessment, and predictive collision estimation. Come and meet us outdoor.

YoGoKo ( is a leader in connectivity technologies for new mobility services. YoGoKo develops on-board and cloud-based solutions for secure data collection and transmission, locally (between vehicles, with road infrastructure and other road users using V2X communication technologies) and remotely. YoGoKo solutions are used for applications as diverse as carsharing, fleet management, advanced and predictive driver assistance systems, autonomous vehicles, and many other applications for the road and the smart city.

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