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The European Commission has launched the very ambitious “fit for 55%” project, which should make it possible to achieve the objectives of a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 compared to 1990 and carbon neutrality on a European scale. Under this project, Bpifrance’s DeepTech division decided to launch a “mapping” of startups in the clean mobility sector. The objective is to identify available technologies with a view to scaling up and collaborating between startups, large companies, investors and public authorities.

Data collection and data used for clean mobility

YoGoKo is identified in the Data Management category. YoGoKo is highlighted DeepTech of clean mobility with solutions developed around data collected and especially their use cases in safety management, traffic and mobility efficiency.

YoGoKo solutions portfolio is based on Y-SMART communication software platform and an integrated suite of engineering tools and services. Integrated into mobility objects, it enables the convergence of communication systems developed in silos, for the exchange of data between vehicles (private cars, commercial vehicles, etc.), road infrastructure (traffic lights, variable message signs, toll barriers, etc.), nomadic systems (smartphones, tablets, etc.), web-accessible servers (traffic control center, fleet management platform, database, etc.).

Y-SMART is designed to address the challenges of security and interoperability of on-board and off-board communications, while providing the scalability needed for highly innovative markets. Y-SMART enables the reduction of vehicle footprint and the use of infrastructure to manage energy flows, vehicle fleets and data. The collection of data related to environmental impact, such as air quality sensors, is facilitated with connected vehicles. The deployment of autonomous and shared mobility objects will reduce the consumption of natural resources.

As a provider of key communication technologies for the mobility industry, we want to take our responsibility and play a constructive role in improving the environment. We help connecting objects to the right networks and enabling data exchange to solve key industry challenges.


YoGoKo (https://www.yogoko.com) is a leader in connectivity technologies for new mobility services. YoGoKo develops in-vehicle and cloud-based solutions for the secure collection and transmission of data, both locally (between vehicles, with the road infrastructure and other road users using V2X communication technologies) and remotely. YoGoKo solutions are used for applications as diverse as car sharing, fleet management, advanced and predictive driver assistance systems, autonomous vehicles, and many other applications for the road and the smart city.


Communication : Joelle ENSMINGER (Joelle.ensminger@yogoko.fr)

General Manager : Didier LEDAIN (didier.ledain@yogoko.fr)

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